Friday, June 6, 2008

have you wondered what happened to the kusudama i was working on? it was very pretty when i started.
this is not a very good photo,since the kusudama was roughly handled by a two and three year old. LOL.
this is what it looked like before (not so good) it met its untimely demise.:

my kiddies found it and mashed it. it is now dead.

now, the good stuff:

papercraft links!

other crafty links!
feathered fibers
stamp carving tutorial! by atlas quest
pink penguin
baby sewing patterns!
pip stitch

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

hello it's now June!

the last few weeks of may just whizzed on by. graduations. parties.

and after all that, spent some time in the hospital with my lil' pumpkinhead. she got

sick with pneumonia again. just got back about a day or so ago and boy, am i pooped!

well, enough about me...i have links. has shinkansen papercrafts,minna no tabo stationery, coloring pages, and calendars!

san-x has reorganized their charapri section!