Wednesday, February 26, 2003

i have this job....where i don't have fun...where i don't sleep well at nights.....i need a new job....

Friday, February 21, 2003

today i went crazy....i went back to woolworks bought some Rowan Big Wool 001 White Hot and 006 Merry Berry

and then i went to and got:

Pony Pearl 15 3/4" (40 cm ) Single Pointed Knitting Needles N/A Size 19 (15 mm)

Pony Pearl 9 3/4" (25 cm) Single Pointed Knitting Needles N/A Size 19 (15 mm)

Clover Bamboo 13" - 14" Single Pointed Knitting Needles N/A Size 13

ask me why i got two sets of sz US 19 needles.... i messed up >___< i wanted the 15 3/4 ones but I got the 9 3/4 ones by accident and it was already too late to stop it....ahh i guess i can return them....or keep them...maybe...

next on my shopping list:

biggy print yarn and the rowan big wool book which will probably come from woolworks :) i love knitttiinnng!

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

life as we know is POOOOOOO..... >____<

on the other hand this past weekend, i finished my niece's hat. :D totally in garter is my version of the kitty hat but without the ear flaps and i-cord and i just judged by sight how the ears niece is now wearing the hat... my nephew likes wearing the hat, too. it is tooo cute!! i plan on making his hat soon!

Friday, February 14, 2003

it just tooo cold!!!!! o___O paycheck direct deposit yarn shopping...yes. happy valentine's...

today i bought the rowan big easy book from woodland woolworks

the Knitting Techniques - Volume 1 (Harmony Guides) by Collins, Brown. yarnmarket online shopping rejected me :/

Thursday, February 6, 2003

i am deciding whether or not to bind off my scarf. :P feels like i've been knitting my scarf forever. knitting @ really nice. :) i'm going to try to learn the stockinette stitch soon, wanna make a hat and use my circular needles. kitty hats for everyone! :B



tonight, five inches later...i've decided to bind off my scarf. thanks to the lovely pictures in martha stewart's living! :) it turned out rather nicely. now, i just have to block it. now i am working on a hat for my niece and nephew.

google: blocking knitting

Wednesday, February 5, 2003

this past saturday, i found The Good Housekeeping Illustrated Book of Needlecrafts by Cecilia K. Toth (Editor). it has some really good pictures. i guess i'm a visual learner as well. :)

on monday, i went to beverly's..bought bamboo needles sz 8 U.S. ...(the slippage from my aluminum needles was driving me crazy) and circular needles 8 U.S. 29" as well as some red heart acrylic 4-ply worsted in plum to make a hat for my niece. i would like to try the circular needles on the hat and see what the difference makes. and perhaps, i might get dps as well. who knows.

current scarf project: going along nicely, about 5 more inches to go. lol garter stitch. martha stewart living has an article on how to knit with really nice pictures and patterns as well. i picked the feb '03 issue up right away. ^^ call me a conformist. :P here is the online link: How to Knit. enjoy!

future shopping list:

stitch holder

crochet hook

any chunky yarn, would be nice

big needles