Tuesday, September 18, 2001

I would have never thought that something halfway across the country and right in my own backyard would influence me so much. I guess I am afraid of my own mortality. And maybe also, of loosing sight on what it means to live. I used to think that, "Oh the U.S. government sucks..." But so far, I'm kinda glad we have the government we do have and not a dictatorship ruled by one religious clan. It is some pretty scary shit if you ask me. That ominous Tuesday in San Francisco Area where I live with my fianc�, David, I remember hearing about it with disbelief and feeling pretty damned selfish for being lazy and not wanting to go to the language lab to study my japanese at City College of San Francisco before class. But, the College was closed that day, so I got a reprieve. But, I still feel selfish.... :P