Tuesday, April 27, 2004

bleah its been pretty close to about 100 degrees F here in san jose, ca. bleah. we went out to dinner last night for dave's sister melissa's 21st birthday at the mayflower restaurant in milpitas. added a weather pixie just for fun.

and now baby news:

the peanut has been aggressively moving these past few weeks. i feel the baby's movement even more now. it's kinda like the lil' one is pulling somersaults.

Friday, April 23, 2004

just went web browsing....

getcrafty is gone and now is supernaturale.com :P but the old glitter board is still up...for now...

and craftster.org is gone too? o_o

what a dilemma.

About 16 wks or so pregnant right now. feeling poopy and next feeling happy. ah mood swings.

i'm feeling very ZORO right now.

Hey! Which One Piece Character are you? - ZORO
You're Zoro!

First mate to the Straw Hat crew doesn't mean much,
but you have the power and charisma to make
them obey. Mostly. When they aren't arguing
with you. You take loyalty and promises very
seriously, and you enjoy a good challenge. More
level headed than your captain, you still are
single-minded and get into fights pretty often.
Fortunately you've got three swords and you
know how to use them! Banzai!

Hey! Which One Piece Character are You?
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Which One Piece Character are You?
quiz by orangeday.net

and sometimes...

i'm like this...

You are Schroeder!

Which Peanuts Character are You?
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gripe of the month:

medical insurance...not having it sucks. having to depend on the government to provide medi-cal and finding out you made just a smidge too much income...

i'm all for universal health care, when it eventually comes to pass. hopefully...*crosses fingers* if it helps someone less fortunate than me to get the health care that they deserve.

i know all about the pros and cons, but i'm mostly for the pros. college students don't have medical insurance...they need that help. most college students can't afford the plans unless they are still covered by the parents insurance...or they have to be working to get the insurance or to make enough to pay for insurance if they don't have any.

many colleges don't have on-campus health clinics, although the colleges i have been to have had those. For example, CCSF, DeAnza, and the major universities. i've gotten a eye exam and glasses prescription for about 10.00 at CCSF, when eye exams cost an arm and a leg to pay for if you went outside. some colleges have student centers where they can provide information where students can get no-cost or low-cost medical care. i would suggest taking the help as much as possible.

my husband and i were students. we suffered for a long time wondering about our eyes and our bodies. we spent days hoping that we wouldn't get a cold or anything that would require medical attention. but, it's funny that when you did have insurance you didn't get sick and then be amazed how sick you get when you don't have the insurance. i thank the lord at least that my husband now has medical insurance provided for by the company that he works for.now, that he has a family on the way...now was the time.

don't wait to get a job to get insurance. try at least to take advantage of those no-cost, low-cost clinics if you need the help.

Wednesday, April 7, 2004

i'm officially 14 wks now.

people say pregnancy is pretty abstract, because you can't see what's going on inside the womb..until you have the first ultrasound.

...today dave and i went to o'connor hospital and we went for the ultrasound. we saw our lil' peanut wiggling around upside down, his heart beating, and moving his arms. there's life. perfect and beautiful.

...how profound is that...seeing your child for the first time.

..will post my baby's first photo soon!