Friday, November 28, 2003

petoffice- cat costumes!

omg can you say cute and funny at the same time. this site is in japanese, so please use a online translator like worldlingo if you can't read it.

Thursday, November 27, 2003

happy turkey day everyone! ^_^
gah, stress...and here comes thanksgiving. :P baking pumpkin pies! no fleas on the kitty anymore...thank goodness. i've been designated live-in caretaker of my mom for the next month. *sigh* but, that's okay.

site of the day since there hasn't been one in a few days : rate my kitten

i would like to make a strawberry millefeuille, which is a dessert layered with puff pastry, strawberries, and cream.

cream puffs, french macaroons~ baking projects~!!

Sunday, November 23, 2003

2003 is ending pretty soon. hopefully next year will be much easier and better. :P my mom broke her leg last week at her house and is now in the hospital. it's pretty terrible. been at her house for an entire week since the accident caring for her and trying to deal with my dad. no access to a computer in the past week until today.

my husband, i, my sister, and her family visited my mom today at the hospital. i believe that being at the hospital more than twice a year for an operation is very bad. :( but, all in all my mom is an amazing woman...she was in very good spirits.

just found out today that my cat has fleas. LOL she broke out of the house like last week through an screenless window. freaked out looking for her and saw her outside in the backyard. she didn't know the neighborhood at all,so pretty much she got scared. i carried her into the house. bought flea shampoo for my cat and hope that i killed all those little bloodsuckers. thank goodness that they weren't too active!

as for my knitting, i hope to finish my nephew's hat sometime this week.

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

yesterday, my bro turned 18. bleah, you realize that time flies really fast. dave and i got a marble chiffon cake with buttercream frosting for my bro at goldilocks, a filipino bakery/caf� place. gosh the frosting... it was so rich and buttery..yummy!

a relevation of sorts dawned on me as my bro blew out his candles.

i look at myself, my sister's kids...i notice how fast they are growing up (they're 2 going on 3 and 1 going on to 2)...i see my kitty...*sigh* i don't want her to grow old. :/ i'm trying not to get depressed. i want her to be around for a long time. 15+ human years if possible. god, i love my cat. she's my baby. i've had her like forever. and she still looks like a young cat.

dave wants to get us a new kitten some time in the near future. i would like that. so, cap-cap would have company. i think that it would be cool.

i tell yah it's best sometimes to think about the now and today than thinking how many years ahead. it's less depressing somehow. unless, you are planning to retire in grace. dave and i hope to retire in grace. :)

Monday, November 10, 2003

added a new background to tanpopo and somewhat different layout. :P

received my jersey nuigurumi book today air-mailed from came with some stickers :), a nice handwritten postcard thanking me for my purchase and also a handwritten note on the packing list thanking me for my purchase as well. :) how's that for customer service!! i will be buying some more stuff from aranziaronzo again! ^_^

maybe i can make a rag doll of my kitty! :)

Saturday, November 8, 2003

..went shopping with my friend carolyn today...had fun just talking and hanging out.

i've given up on circular needles for much work i think. my nephew's hat isn't going to be stripety anymore..i am starting it flat and the garter stitches will be going vertically. it will be like a long pocket and then i will probably at some tassels at the corners. :) tassels are easy to do. ^_^ my mom's scarflet done in chinchilla will probably become a full scarf and not tuck into a slit in the middle. it's getting cold and i'm trying to accommodate everyone who i'm doing a project i've been lazy in the last few months. pretty bad, eh?

the other day i purchased this really cute book from aranziaronzo. it's called JERSEY NUIGURUMI (rag dolls). it has patterns where you can learn to make your own rag dolls of the characters.

this site is extremely cute!

...purchased more chinchilla from the fiberartsshop. still awaiting my order from the knitting garden. :P

puccaclub has cross-stitch patterns for you crafty people. you can put pucca, garo, and mio, garo's pet kitty, on anything you can get your hands on!

...just when you think i'm done... tada! someone has hello kitty craftiness! i got this link from kitty realm by means of googling. :P

...more???! yes! ^_____^;; check out Lambs, Sanrio and Other Cute Things. joyce, the owner of the page is a big sanrio fan and she has some DIY projects!

Sunday, November 2, 2003

yesterday, i just got my drawing tablet for my computer from ebay. so i plan to do some cg and redo my webpage. i hope to get a computer of my own sometime soon.

working on the knitting and trying to finish a project is progressing. i hope to finish before christmas week.

went to b-day shopping for my friend c, bought some really cute wrapping paper with a cat named ichigochan from kyun, a japanese knick-knack store where everything is pretty much under USD 5.00 at the great mall in milpitas, ca.