Saturday, July 21, 2012

Certified iPhone Cute App Addict!

 Sorry, this is a long post! My thoughts about each app are in italics!

I found the cutest FREE or LITE iPhone apps!  Some useful, some playful...and some I just like because they are really cute! You can download them either from the iTunes store or the App Store on your iPhone. Some functionality of a few of these apps maybe limited, so if you want more, you just have to buy it or live with it.  I copied and pasted the functions from the iTunes store. Of course, these are not NEW, but I'm late to the iPhone game.

myDog Note!


myDog Note - Cute & useful Memo APP

[About myDog Note]
★ New & Noteworthy in Japan, Taiwan, Italia, Hong Kong, Australia, Argentina, Macau, Russia, Thailand
★ What's Hot! in productivity category, United States, Japan, Taiwan
★ Stop using complicated app ! Please start managing memos with myDog note including dog sound effects.(Bark! Bark!)
★ [In App Purchase] Seven kinds of dog skins

[myDog Note - APP uses]
- Phone number record & save while talking on the phone.
- photo.
- quick hand-writing memo.
- simple memo.
- check lists / shopping lists

[myDog Note - App Features]
1. 5 types of memos
- Phone number : record, call and save a phone number.
- Photo : take a photo, open a photo.
- Hand-writing : draw a painting, hand-writing.
- Simple memo : write texts.
- check-lists : write a check-lists.

2. 5 colors of post-it.
3. set a favorites - check ☆ and array it.
4. Search feature - search for a text.

[myDog Note - App Additional Details]
- Use the "Multi-delete" with checking.
- Ability to set a password for privacy protection
- Use our custom themes to have just the style you like
- Includes an easy to use "Help" database

So cute doggies, I love the functionality of this! It BARKS, but you can turn it off! There is more though if you purchase the pro version and they also have a Bear Calendar called myGom  for pay.

Lifelog by Decogirl Lite (English ver.)


Write diary and schedule, add your favorite photos, period calculation and health management…Cute and useful life designing app, including all the features girls want, that is ‘Lifelog by Decogirl’

This for schedule, that for health/period management, this for diary… many apps scattered? All in one app and it makes you easy to manage!

Create Schedule, diary, and notes as you like!
Put cute stickers as many as you like, to decorate the calendar!
You can add both schedule and icons at once!
Schedule syncs with iOS Calendar, with repeating schedule and alarm. ‘Birthday’ and ‘Anniversary’ are also available to add.
※ Upgrade to Pro for no limited diary length, for over 65 stickers and for over 25 icons.

【Period Note】
Planning to travel, having a date with your boyfriend, wondering when to be pregnant…etc.
Women cares about period date when making plans. This app has features such as next period date, ovulation date, cycle length, and period calculation.

【Health Note】
Temperature, weight, sleep time, and physical symptoms…manage them easily!
You can change the upper/lower limit of your temperature chart.
You can see the related physical symptoms on your chart.

※ Only in Lifelog by Decogirl Pro.
You can sort and organize your photos.
Photos of your boyfriend, your children, on your trip…create albums and organize, and you can look back upon your memories.

I love the stamps! You can even put your mood and how your health is. It syncs also to the iOS calendar. 



Check your schedule and quick memos.

Write on your schedule and diary.
Send your diary by e-mails, and insert pictures and maps.

Decorate the diary with stickers and keep things private by covering them.

[My period]
Put your average starting date of your period, it will automatically inform you every month.

[Interesting stats]
Review what you have done each month with the cute icons
(reading, academy/study, bingeing, drinking, lying around at home, smooth bowel movements)
Other functions and icons will be updated soon.

You can change your diary option.
You can link to CANIMALS Social network site.
New designs and functions will be released continuously so make sure to check for updates.

Again, this is a calendar diary. Stamps are so cute! You can also change the backgrounds and memo themes! 

Sorry! A few of these girly apps have references of period/fertility calendars...also bowel movements and keeping track of PMS symptoms...Ha-ha. You DON'T have to use those functions, of course.

Rakuga-cute, purikura app.


===What's new!!===
/ Add a text feature.
You can write the text in the image!

===New Collection===
Make-up collection

Rakuga-cute has been downloaded more than 2.0 million times worldwide!

“Rakuga-cute" is a photo graffiti application to enjoy Japanese “KAWAII" pictures.

Adjust brightness of the photo!
Enjoy graffiti with a variety of tools!
Easy photo retouching with effect tools!

=Get collections and enjoy Rakuga-cute to the max=

Drawings, collage wallpapers, message cards as well as styling photos for blogs update. Rakuga-cute enables you to enjoy all of these features!

=Basic Functions

-Graffiti Menu
Album: Create graffiti on a photo chosen from your Camera Roll.
Camera: Create graffiti on a photo taken within the app.
Design: Choose a design and freely add graffiti.

-Graffiti Tools
Pens, Stamps, Roll Stamps, One-touch

-Other Tools
Eraser, Enlarge/Reduce, Undo/Redo

-Cooperative Application
Twitter posting

-You can create graffiti without degrading the photo quality.
-With the iPhone's touch panel, you can simply move, enlarge/reduce and turn a stamp.
-You can use Undo/Redo without any limit.

My only gripe about this app is that once you use a stamp you can NOT remove it, you have to start all over again.  At least, that is what I have experienced.

Blog posts of cute apps by others, some of which are quite extensive: (She loves her photo apps!) (Extensive list of cute apps!) (Been following this blog for years now, she has an extensive lists of cute apps as well.)

I will be writing up about more when I encounter, ahem, download them!