Monday, October 31, 2005

Thursday, October 27, 2005

today i had a followup ultrasound for my placenta previa. good news!!

i don't have placenta previa and i'm having a little girl! :P

ROUNDED corners in css

Monday, October 24, 2005

my below belly pregnancy pants keep falling down...i need a bellaband!!

nice lion cashmere. i want it. is a place i want to buy from.

tigercolor's color lab, using the color wheel theory.

umm...crochet me magazine. heeehee.
ramen, the real stuff - not top ramen, cup o' noodles... is a database for authentic japanese ramen.

got a susan bates pom-pon maker from walgreens :P last night.

i would like to get a clover yarn guide. they have such pretty knitting needles too!

a listmania! for novice knitters:
Novice Knitter's Necessities

spinblessing.comis a nice looking site.

blog-eriffic :P

afraid of small animals

way too cute to be scary!
check out the mummy at cuddly rigor mortis!

Saturday, October 8, 2005

love japanese craftbooks??

here is a blog that might interest you!

crafting japanese

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

foody websites!!


miggy's island kettle korn - onolicious popcorn company run by family!! :P

cupcake bakeshop by chockylit - a great baking website, check out her extensive experiment with red velvet cupcakes!!

Monday, October 3, 2005

sooo, things are doing okay i guess...been too tired of late to do stuff on the computer.

in my family life, i have a brand new nephew who is a cute little button born on 09.14.2005. welcome to the world, little one.

as far as my health goes, the new baby is okay...but there is a very good chance that i will be having a c-section. in eight weeks, i am going to have another ultrasound scheduled to see if the placenta moved up from the cervix.

good news though, ian is a healthy 21.4 lbs big boy now who can kinda walk. heh.

what have i been cooking? champorado. it's a breakfast treat made from sweet, sticky rice and chocolate that i remember from my childhood. i have still yet to recreate how my mom makes champorado but i have had about 3 attempts at making it. the first two tries were still a little starchy, but one turned out pretty close to how i remember champorado tasting. it requires a ton of constant stirring and patience. :P

here are some places i got the recipes from:

kusina ni manang: champorado
the westernized kusina-champorado recipes

knitting? been really slow about it.

but here is a pattern i saw on pinku:

pocketbook slippers

i think i would like to make that. :)