Friday, September 23, 2005

i have a guitar i got for a gift from my parents, which i don't know how to play. but thankfully maybe i can learn online? LOL i hope i can. hahaha.

online guitar lessons

so far i have been just floating around the web and going to the OB. everything is okay so far, but there is a certainty that i will be having a c-section when the newest little one is born. blah.

Tuesday, September 6, 2005

sorry about not posting as's been really hot during the day, my husband has been been burning dvds at night...i haven't done much knitting lately. but i did go to borders to use a gift card a good friend gave me for my birthday. i bought a knitting book, debbie bliss' baby knits for beginners and two baby books for my son.

on a more personal note, i have been pregnant for about 4 months now with our second little one. and i have been resting somewhat, because my ob looked over my ultrasound and told me my placenta is complete placenta previa. placenta previa is where the placenta implants itself at the bottom of the uterus either partially or completely over the mouth of the opening of the cervix. here is a link to webmd about it:

placenta previa