Tuesday, September 30, 2003

cute and weird all at the same time....animation...from wired.com

Fetch! by Nina Paley

Giant Cow by Edgar Beals

Auto Door by Masaru Horie

Field Guide to Snapping by The Groove Chamber


also check out albino black sheep for more online animated goodies.

sci-fi/ fantasy radio dramas....


home of ruby the galactic gumshoe and jack flanders, which were really interesting radio drama programs played from the local college stations and national public radio when i was growing up.

do you dream of electronic sheep?

i also listened to the lord of the rings radio drama and star wars. a wonderful listening experience.

here are listmanias from amazon about great radio dramas:

Spoken Word And Radio Drama by Cameron Lewis, Audio Fiend

Theatre of the Mind by Zack Davisson, God of Thunder and Rock & Roll

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

lucky me...

i was called back today for a skills test/ semi-interview at 11:30 for a job i applied to on monday, sep. 15. at some chiropractic office near where i live.

:P aren't i a lucky ducky! i was pretty excited and well...slightly nervous., but hey, it's another interview for the many i might have to do. :P

to treat myself, i bought mama coco's lip balm. this stuff is disappearing fast. lol.

my monoi de tahiti i bought a couple days ago...arrived yesterday...pretty fast. :) they smell so nice and the company i ordered from gave me a couple samples of the soap as well. it's from tahiti-iti.com.

Monday, September 22, 2003

been applying for jobs...unemployment sucks. my cat always knows when i'm depressed. she likes to lay on my chest and purr when i lie down on my bed.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

true tahitian treat:

monoi de tahiti.

what is it?

Monoi oil is simply coconut oil refined to a cosmetic grade with a fragrance extracted from tropical flowers. This oil is the closest oil in nature to the oils found in your scalp and skin.

-source ~ monoi page of hawaiian resources.net

i've always seen this product in a travel agency window in downtown san francisco. so. i googled for it. this would be a nice present to give for a hawaiian theme party.

Sunday, September 14, 2003

origami lucky stars-

fold 'em


plastic origami straw stars:

these are a challenge..not for the faint of heart..lol

straw star instructions by lisa yuan

Thursday, September 11, 2003

this lipbalm really rocks:

mama coco's hawaiian lip balm.

the mamacoco's site is temporarily not taking orders but ebubbles.com has some of it left as well as lipmedic.com.

i've got the Big Island Cocoa and Coconut Cream flavors. they go on really smooth and don't feel waxy at all. I got my stuff from ebubbles.com and they sent me some samples along with my order.


terranova fragrances have always been my fav. i have been looking for their products for a long time and did some searching on google. terranova also includes a list of online retailers.

i found terrranova on luckyscent.com and also, creative universe by beth terry. i love the creative universe- t�. luckyscent also offers samples which are about 3-4 dollars a pop. so you get to try the scents and not feel so guilty about buying a whole bottle of something you don't like after a while. i'm totally guilty of that. the fragrances on this site are not found everywhere, which is a good thing. :)

i've gotten the samples from luckyscent and hope to purchase some big bottles of the stuff.

later on ...

went to a retirement party of a friend. she retired at 39...can you believe it?! it was totally fun.


in our thoughts and in a moment of silence, we thought about that ominous day two years ago....