Wednesday, December 31, 2003

ah new year's eve...baking pastille de tres leches cake, amish sugar cookies, and chocolate chip cookies tonight. everybody wants a hat like my bro's LOL. taking donations for yarn purchase.. >_<
finished my bro's turned out a lot bigger than i thought it would. so it turned out rastafari. :)

blocked his hat and my nephew's today using a damp towel placed on top and ironed it.

Monday, December 29, 2003

Sunday, December 28, 2003

started my bro's hat in biggy print cookie using the pattern flip from the rowan's big easy. getting used to using big knitting needles this past week after finding them very intimidating!

i used my clover bamboo single points in US sz. 15 for my last hat (mini) and now my pony pearls in US sz. 19 for the current hat (flip) i am working on.

i've added a list of books that i have in my craft library!

Friday, December 26, 2003

my god...ROTK was worth the wait! I can't wait for the collector's edition to come out. ^__^ all i can say is that i was glued to my seat the entire time of the film.

i would love to see this movie again. it has been an amazing three years! it has been a christmas tradition in the last three years for my husband and i, my sister jer and her husband q, my brother jayce, my brother-in-law's little brother josh and two cousins: gil and erin to see the LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy at christmas time. now that it's officially over, we wonder what will top off this magnificent trilogy for next year's christmas movie.

enjoy ROTK. it was worth it. :)

Thursday, December 25, 2003

merry christmas all. :) i hope that you are getting everything that you wish for! ^___^

finished the mini today and it's now my nephew's. now i just have to press it to finish the item. i now plan to finish that embroidered knit coin purse in the next couple of days. :) i feel like i'm on a roll. lol

hubby got me BtVS s. 5 and I got him LOTR:TTT collector's edition for this lovely day!

barbie and ken: ROTK style!

barbie and ken: ROTK style!

mattel did such a great job with this set. down to all the details of aragorn's armor and arwen's crown :) i would like to have this set someday. ^^

going to see lord of the rings: ROTK! been waiting a whole year for it. :D

Sunday, December 21, 2003

i just found out that my little niece has just taken a liking to her brother's hat. her brother now says that its hers. lol so i guess i have to knit another one lol. i've finally started on another project with chunky knit: a beanie using the pattern mini by kim hargreaves for rowan bigger picture, using big wool in pip.

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

valerie from allthingskawaii has some great links that she sends out on her mailing list! there is always something new. :) join her list and check out :

learned how to make an i-cord with dpns. finished my nephew's hat this past weekend. it was a hat knitted flat on US 8 straight needles in stockinette stitch until 10" inches in length, seams were sewn up in the back until it formed a tube, then the top was bunched up like a paper bag, and tied up with an i-cord in some kind of topknot. it somewhat looks like the i-cord hat made by linda on planetshoup, except that the i-cord is separate from the body of the hat and the hat itself was stitched flat. i tied the i-cord tight around the top so a young child would not be able to slip the knot off the hat. is a very helpful site for new learners.

eventually, i would like to post a learning tutorial from my experiences as a new knitter for those who would like to learn, as well as some of my own patterns with pictures. :)

bleah, my embroidered coin purse is going to be redone. it was a first project gone bad. done in my first attempts in learning the garter stitch...will be done over in stockinette and have a garter stitch border.

Sunday, December 7, 2003

visited i buy d.i.y. today and found spasmodica- handmade stuffed doll site with really cute illustrations, designs, and of course, the dolls are adorable. i like george :) you should read what george is. heh.

Friday, December 5, 2003

*breakthrough* for the self-taught knitter such as myself...through the benefit of pictures..i have progressed from garter stitch to knit and purl :P at 2 a.m. LOL by help of my harmony guide no. 1 and the spring issue ' 03 of family circle easy knitting plus crochet.

megan at notmartha is too cool! she has some awesome links:

i buy d.i.y.

sew wrong

craftster- a great place to learn and discuss your d.i.y. projects!

valerie at allthingskawaii has a listing site of cute sites!

the people at get crafty have a great site and bulletin board for crafting!

i am a frequenter of their sites and love them! ^^

And, I found all these wonderful sites just googling "making lip balm" during the beginning of this year. lol darn that woman martha stewart for her wily ways to make ordinary people craft stuff! O__o