Sunday, October 15, 2006

Temporary Layout and Banana Bread.

finally got this blog to work. using a temporary template until i can come up with my own. i'm very rusty at designing and coding right now. my plans for this blog will be completely about my attempts at cooking and baking. my other blog tanpopo craft will now be just about my escapades in knitting and other crafty endeavours.

soooo without further ado, onto the recipe:

i love this banana bread recipe from baking illustrated by the editors of cook's illustrated (america's test kitchen, 2004), posted by leite's culinaria . It is by far the best banana bread recipe i have ever made and has become my all-time favorite. moist, tender crumb, great out of the oven...or even a day later...delicious!

Banana Bread

unfortunately, it was so good...i ate the whole thing and didn't take a picture. :P
i made banana bread and now it is allllll gone. i ate most of it. :P

this banana bread rocks!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

gawd, haven't been blogging for almost two months. :( i have been getting a lot of crap happening on my computer. :/ frakkin' a. i've been popping in and out of livejournal and here.

anyhoo has anyone been watching heroes on NBC? that's a damned good series. and don't even get me started on BSG!! *is dizzy from all the excitement*

and you get the excitement twice heroes is on before BSG on scifi on fridays. *is a drooling mad puppy* i love my parents that have brought me cable. my parents moved in with my family and i in past two months. gurrr.

i got sims 2 and got addicted to that too.

that's it...i'm an addict. :O

uh i think i will do a redesign too.