Saturday, January 26, 2002

bleah...haha i passed my japanese class with a A!! *_____* i worked both TJ's and at Dave's office during the christmas holiday break...then after work went to the mall and target, where I happily spent the money on splendiferous christmas items on friends and family. i gave dave a gorillaz cd for his birthday and final fantasy X for christmas! he bought me a baking set which i have been using! lol anndddd...we both gave ourselves two boxed DVD sets of anime: Studio Ghibli and the Remastered Super Dimensional Macross! WooHOooOOooo!! i started the new semester on the 15th, taking nihongo 1B and ms frontpage 2000, and quit my job at TJ's on the 19th....and started working in Dave's office 4-5 days a week...and got my weekends back!

YAY! ^o^ I've also had to exchange my mom's x-mas present! :P

took a final fantasy quiz from and look:

You're Yuna. You're hardworking and honest, and also a little naive. You can easily be lied to, but in the end your friends will look out for you. Kind and loving you'd never hurt a fly. You'd be willing to do anything to help others, even if it means some personal sacrifices for you.

Which Final Fantasy X Character would YOU be? Take the test.