Thursday, January 30, 2003

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

i have been working on my scarf for past couple of weeks. i got my stuff for the lip balm kit, which is totally cool. i turned in my app to cca. i have yet to wait for a response back to see if i got accepted.

i have been scouring the internet for free garter stitch patterns that are totally friendly to beginners, so here are the links:

google search: free garter stitch scarf patterns

knitting @

more links to come...

Monday, January 20, 2003

adventures at the california culinary academy. o___O my attempt at higher learning and career building. that day i went to tour at the cca, i went craft shopping. i bought a lip balm kit from pearl art store in downtown sf. later on, i bought red heart black yarn, embroidery thread, and big cute flower and star buttons at beverly's. i went home and opened up the lip balm kit and found out one of the flavor vials was dried up and it was missing a label. emailed the company immediately. i got a response the next day. so i should be getting the stuff soon. i bought the thread in shades of blue to match the yarn used for my scarf and coin purse. i'm going to probably embroider flowers on both. the coin purse uses a large flower button as a closure. i will probably have pictures scanned of the purse and possibly a pattern if the end product turns out well. i forgot to mention the yarn brand i am currently using is caron sayelle in williamsburg blue. the thread i believe is dmc. this past weekend i finally went to michael's and bought more 2 sayelle yarn in slate blue (caron perfect match) in the one pound size. slate blue and williamsburg blue are the same, which was totally cool. :) thanks to my hubby for being good to me heehee.
sunday: said yes to applying to cca for the july session. turning in the application on wednesday. good luck to me.

Thursday, January 16, 2003

yesterday i went to the cca. i was very early honestly about 40 minutes. i didn't want to be late.i met with ray. he was really nice and we talked for a while about what i wanted to do and i gave my honest answers in the actual person-person interview. he was very impressed by my answers and we found out a lot of common ground. it was really great...ray then gave me a tour of the facilities. really nice. i was amazed at everything: the smells, the environment...and i thought, "wow, i could be doing this...and why didn't i figure this out sooner...." sometimes you have to listen to your gut i was talking with ray, i realized that i could be doing this as a living and not just as a hobby. my family had been encouraging me to get into culinary school in the past, and in my mind, that thought had always lingered there. the thought of having my own bakery and creating a product that a lot of people would enjoy was really getting to me. but the timing couldn't have been more strange....the proverbial ball had started rolling.and now i have to make a decision that would change my life and create a profession i could possibly be proud of....already two had been made...dave taking broker classes, he and i getting married.sitting in the admissions office as ray and i spoke of my chances of getting in, i felt awed and at the same time scared. ray told me i had a great chance of getting in and so he had to write up a proposal to get me admitted, in fact he wanted to get me in that day and have me start by march. i would jump at this chance if i could but i didn't have the money and i wanted to get the positive support of my family before anything was set in stone. ray understood that and gave me until sunday to make a decision. we'll see...

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

well it's about 9:20pm PST...i'm at home with my cat. my husband has customs brokerage classes and won't be back until about 10:30ish...i made arrangements earlier this afternoon to visit the california culinary academy and check out the facilities tomorrow and check out the facilities tomorrow with one of their national admission reps, ray, about 1pm tomorrow. he seems really nice and initially impressed by the initial phone interview.

more info:

google search: pastry chef

culinary schools

Monday, January 13, 2003

hello i'm married hahaha officially at 10:00 am PST. everyone has to go back to

later...i checked the answering machine...i got a call from the california culinary academy...that was fast!! o__O i had requested information about their baking/pastry program this past friday. wow.
hello...i'm married now...officially at 10:00am PST. o___O everyone has to go back to

later...i checked the answering machine...i got a call from the california culinary academy...that was fast!! o__O i had requested information about their baking/pastry program this past friday. wow.

Monday, January 6, 2003

happy new year's everyone! shinnen omedatou...prospero ano nuevo ...bonne ann�e...manigong bagong taon...hau'oli makahiki hou... hope you all had a lovely one.

random link:

this is why a lot of bootleg tapes suck...LOL

bad fotr captions.