Thursday, July 25, 2002

march....not much has passed. i started a job at vector marketing as a sales rep. nihongo 1b is harder to understand but i was having fun. made some friends: will-kun, danny-kun, haruka-chan, linda-chan, and terry-san.

april...melissa, dave's sister, turned 19 on the 26th. something bad happened to her on the morning after. she had to go to the hospital.

April 29th was my widdle nephew ethan's 1st birthday! :) He took the cutest pictures for his birthday.

may...may 3 or 4, we had ethan's birthday party. spent all day cooking and then jumping around in the jumper they rented for the day. the weather was really nice too. it was so funny to see all the so-called "adults" jumping around; namely myself, my fiance, my sister's husband, and various grown cousins. LOL My mother's birthday was on May 5th. we gave her two flowering potted plants- from dave, my brother jason and i - red tulips; from my sister jerilyn and her husband Q: fuschia daisies. and we gave her a tiny birthday cake. Liezl and Miles go to the Philippines for their second wedding! o__O I was soo happy for them.

june... was the end of the semester. i passed frontpage with an A without any effort and got a B in nihongo. we gave tanaka-sensei a small going away gift and card with a cute puppy on it. i had fun in her class. she is now teaching nihongo at UC Berkeley. good luck sensei! i started working as a receptionist at vector marketing part-time on the weekend. began looking for an apartment.

BIG NEWS!! My sister gave birth to a baby girl, Areiah Faith, 7 lbs. 1oz. on June 27, Thursday. I was not able to make it to the hospital. Apparently, my sister gave birth so fast. o___O so i missed out. Areiah is a cutie. She looks just like my sister. She's a Cabbage Patch Baby! :) I gave her a pink beanie baby for a presento! more hours as receptionist. apartment hunting goes on. looking for a second job. i would love to get back into school taking nihongo again. we'll see how this goes. Ethan and Areiah look different every week.

saw lilo and stitch

WEDDING PLANS: still up in the air, still getting ideas....maybe eloping who knows?