Friday, October 5, 2001

Ugh, I am really tired. Yesterday, I went straight from my japanese class, practically running to Bart from Balboa Park, Got to Daly City Bart to get on the Samtrans 120 to Colma Bart, and then get to work on time at 3pm. I had to do this in a span of half an hour. Class ended at 2pm, I got on Bart at 215, Caught the bus at 230, and got to work at 236. :P I made it....needlessly to say...I expended a lot of energy and money. And the store closed at 9, I did a fat shopping cart run for the grocery store I work at, stayed at work until 10pm, and stayed outside until 1035. o_o Erghh.....oh well, Dave made it to pick me up even if I did get off work at 10pm. I was on the verge of tears cuz I was so tired and so worried about him being late. Finally returned home, I ate a late dinner in my pajamas and went to bed at 1230am. Too much running little time to do it.
Well, today I have work. 3-1030. At least, it's not to 11pm or 3am. So, I guess I shouldn't complain then. Then, I have an entire weekend to look forward to. Yay, my first weekend in a while. Woohoo! *dances wildly* I'm gonna spend time with my family in Union City and spend it with Dave too. I love him :B *huggles* Time to get cavities now. :P

Wednesday, October 3, 2001

In these last two months, I was deciding on my future:

a) I wanted a career.

b) I wanted to learn something new.

c) I am planning to get married to someone with whom I love with all my heart in the coming year. David,


My Plan of Action:

a) I am getting my web design certificate from or san francisco state university's multimedia studies program.

b) I am taking NIHONGO at City College of San Francisco.

c) I have still much wedding planning to do! o__O And such a tiny budget to work with! I've been looking for reception halls, so far I only viewed one. $1,700 is affordable, but I'm looking for something more nice or less expensive and nice. That is, if I can find something without having to resort to copying someone else's reception digs. Don't wanna do that! O___o I have to strive to be different!