Tuesday, November 27, 2001

well happy belated turkey day...thanksgiving break and what not. i worked at trader joe's on the weekend and took a test in my japanese class just as soon as i got back from vacation. and i can tell you my head is hurting still from it. christmas is coming up and i have hardly any funds. so much for buying presents. i'm pressing for more hours this christmas season, but i hope that i can quit soon. trying to find a decent paying job is really hard especially up in san francisco. so we'll see about that! :P *crosses fingers* on a great note, i can say that i have been blessed with the most giving and wonderful man who has helped me numerous times through the good and bad. or else i would have gone bonkers by now o____O.

Friday, November 2, 2001

urgh been a while since i last wrote here. basically i have been studying and working. my wedding plans are suspended for another six months. sigh. we found a nice place to hold the reception, really gorgeous. however, i have to wait until i have more money. i passed my midterm at least, but messed up as far as the listening comprehension...i wasn't listening. so i have a b in my class. now i have a cold...and i have to go to work at 1pm. i hope they send me home cuz i feel like crap, coughing and weezing...nose dripping and sniffling. Oh yeah, I wanna sell people food!! :P