Monday, December 19, 2005

on friday, went with my only male best friend, albert for a brief visit to santana row. he wanted to purchase something from the container store. we walked to the store and i noticed the cocola patisserie. if it's a patisserie, i always have to try the resident macaron. noted that the said macaron are $2.00 each. albert offered to pay for 3. they were either chocolate or mocha flavoring.

tried it after shopping at container store...they were fresh; the outside was pleasantly crunchy...the inside too sweet for my taste. the cream was smooth in the middle of the macaron, but not really remarkable.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

just when you find something cool....they get rid of it. :P just like this product.

what is print gocco?

in the 1970's noboru hayama, a printer and the japanese inventor of the "print gocco" system, wished to develop a quick and easy household color printing system. cleverly combining the basic priciples of screenprinting and rubber-stamping, "print gocco" is a clean, easy, and fully self-contained compact system that exposes and prints all in one unit. using flash bulbs similar to those found in old cameras, an original image is thermally imprinted on a master screen. next, colorful prints are made by pressing the ink-applied master screen against a sheet of paper placed on a sponge pad.
- from save gocco site.

basically, your own screen printing machine. boooooo to discontinue it. save it please.

noted from mariko @ supereggplant

Tuesday, December 6, 2005