Thursday, March 23, 2006

japanese cheesecake...souffle cheesecake...

not your standard n.y. style cheesecake. it's very fluffy in a melt in your mouth kinda way.

recipe from sugoodeats

this recipe was adapted by jessica of sugoodeats from this recipe: - cotton soft japanese cheesecake.

my version came out more cakey on top because i ran out of cake flour and substituted a all-purpose flour/cornstarch homemade cake flour mixture.

The recipe for cake flour is a follows: For each cup of cake flour use 7/8 cup all-purpose flour (1 cup minus 2 tablespoons) PLUS 2 tablespoons of corn starch. The addition of corn starch helps to make cakes light and tender.
~ from argo and kingsford's cornstarch
i also added a little bit more flour than the recipe called for, which caused the cheesecake to be a little bit more dense in texture. it still turned out yummy! :d

this japanese cheesecake slice was made in a 9-in. square cake pan from this recipe by Betty Shimabukuro of Honolulu Star-Bulletin - japanese cheesecake. the texture of this cheesecake was sooo airy. i felt that i needed to eat more to satisfy my sweet tooth but who am i to complain about eating and making desserts!

another recipe i've tried is similar to betty's:

kyoko's kitchen - japanese souffle cheesecake

i'm addicted.
the last couple of days i have been baking:

genoise! the recipe is here: -basic genoise . this recipe by flo braker is also in Baking with Julia by Julia Child.

genoise is a delicious french sponge cake much like an American sponge cake; the difference being that genoise has less sugar, uses clarified melted butter, and whole eggs are brought to triple the volume. In American sponge cakes, the eggs are separated...the whites being folded into the yolk flour sugar mixture. And when doing folding, one must use a light touch while being thorough.

folding info here: - how to fold.

my first try went totally flat, because i had overworked the egg mixture too long and i was totally not following the directions. :P the whole cake deflated and had two yucky layers. it tasted like crap and of course went into the garbage. of course, i had also used my last cup of cake flour. *blah*

but i didn't give up...i really wanted to make genoise.

having no cake flour, i used all purpose flour minus two tablespoons. i timed how long i had whipped the egg mixture according to the recipe about 4-5 minutes. and voilĂ , i had a decent genoise. all cake, no yucky layers! i made two. need to post pictures of course!

note to self, need to get more cake flour!

family stuff:

my children's pediatrician wants button to start solids. good news is that she likes them. :)

i've been trying to make up for all the sleep i missed since my little girl came home. nope, ain't gonna happen. :P

i feel broken. lol. i think i could lie on the floor. i think i've even repeated this for the homecoming of my little boy practically two years ago.

they grow up so don't know until it hits you when they start talking and running away from you naked after having a bath. or smiling their first smile with a loaded diaper.

my son is getting most of his baby teeth. he sees his sister with a paci he wants one too. he's using it as teething soother. he is also screaming out his displeasure at the top of his lungs.

joys of motherhood.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

martha stewart vs. cookie monster!

Wednesday, March 1, 2006

here's something weird from hello!project soloist, aya matsuura. it's a commercial for pretz. it's uhh odd.

button is starting to fill out more, getting bigger slowly but surely. boo-boo loves his little sister.