Monday, August 30, 2004

downgraded my webpage to the silver package of 9.95 on working on boo-boo's webpage to show family and friends. need to be a friend or a family member to get a password to see it. :P

breastfeeding stuff:

Sunday, August 29, 2004

changed the lilypie counter from expecting to first birthday. so cute!

found some other cute online baby things: (where i got the pregnancy script)

will be updating!

the cutest family blog...whee!

Saturday, August 21, 2004

finally found out the gender of the baby!

I am going to be the proud mama of a baby boy! :) this widdle guy is due on october 1st. he's not here just yet!

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*note* 08/25/04

**ahem** at the time that i was typing out this entry, i had not realized i was going through contractions. being naive at the time, i had thought that i was going through gas pains brought on by something that i had eaten or drank the night before. i was experiencing front to back cramps i.e. lower abdomen and lower back.

silly me was thinking i was constipated for the first time, so i had been drinking more water and eating fiber bits trying to overcome the "gas" pains. i was doing this on the computer at the time and then getting up to go to the bathroom with no result. i had tried to go back to sleep, but the pain was excruciating. i kept getting up and walking back and forth. i did this all by myself for 3 hrs. i even told my husband i was constipated -- no one the wiser, except for my sister who was getting ready for work who caught me walking down the hallway in pain. she told me to lay down and got my sleeping husband to wake up to the about 6-ish am.

" Dr. C...take her to the hospital!"

He woke up in disbelief, called my OB,and then drove me to the hospital pronto. IT was 7am already. We went to emergency and then the hospital admitted me right away into Labor and Delivery. I was already at 4 cm dilated and having contractions at 2-3 mins apart. the staff had to put me into a delivery room right away, since the baby decided that he wanted to join us sooner than OCT. 1!!! It was a complete jaw-dropping fact for us and everyone we knew! We had fetal and contraction monitors strapped to my belly. Then, the great nurses of L&D with Dr. C had decided to put me on IV and give me antibiotics and something to slow down the contractions from their short intervals to longer ones. When the contractions ebbed down from 2-3 minutes to 4-5, Dr. C then came to rupture my bag of water and let nature take its course. Of course, I asked for pain medication and that lovely epidural. :) i was most comfortable and enjoyed some short naps. My husband always my hero and my strength supported me the entire time helping me with my breathing.

5-6 cm dilated at about 12 pm...then 9-10 finally at 3pm.

And then the labor sister and my mother arrived just in time...

our son, our little boo-boo, was brought into the world at 4 lbs 6 1/2 oz 4pm exactly on 08.21.2004. he was a preemie. so adorable and a fighter, Ian cried in protest as the staff worked on him and me. and we all cried in joy as i held him in my arms.

as of now, we have been visiting boo-boo in the NICU and he is getting stronger day by day...he is growing and maturing.

To everyone who came to visit us at the hospital, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

I thank most of all my sister, Jer who helped me follow the signs and the birth and my wonderful husband, dave for his perseverance and patience, and the Almighty for giving us the gift of Ian.

And to my boo-boo, my little angel: keep doing what you are doing, because daddy and i want you home.

HUGS to all and best wishes.

Friday, August 20, 2004

note to self:

apology first hand.

i have been in a up and down mood as of late. POoOoo!

why am i online??

after waking up from a nightmare of sorts, i can't i am lurking online at about 3:36 am pst.

working on my blog finally and commenting on lj simultaneously. wanting to work on my webpage, but being too lazy, since by the time i finish on what i'll be dawn so that's moot. my husband is knocked out as well as everyone in the entire house, so there's silence. dave is amazing at the the fact that he can sleep at the drop of hat and i have to struggle to get comfortable, which now in my state is virtually impossible.

along with the sleeplessness, i am also excited and anxious about seeing my baby again in a ultrasound...and hopefully finding out if the wee muffin is a girl or a boy. that will happen about 230pm later today. i will keep posted on that, if anyone wants to know! :)

anyhoo, i should try to get some sleep, while it is still cool.

noted in my lj as well.

Friday, August 13, 2004

would love to have an internet connection on my other computer at home...the computer that has adobe photoshop...

webpage is screaming for a redux.

bleah i feel like crap right now. it sucks.

baby shopping is hard, since we have to be budgety and stuff.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

updated me and the world:

dave and i moved into the other big room of the house we are renting from my parents.

i turned 32 on monday, august 9th.

our cute little pumpkin is due very soon. 50 more days. Planning is somewhat fun.

my friend c is now a roomie of ours.

i am on livejournal and gmail reading b/a fanfics and commenting on people's journals.

i'm on yahoo groups. in fact a lot of them...mostly b/a related, cute, craft, and anime communities.

Sunday, August 8, 2004

time and time again...

i need to make my own body butter!

i was thinking about a shea butter base...hmmm...

Wednesday, August 4, 2004